Compliance Resources

IEEE PSES Resources:

The best online resource for getting electronic product compliance questions answered is the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society’s email list called

Signup details and archive information at:

Compliance / Safety Related Newsletters:

If you are in compliance, your company may have educational requirements to stay up-to-date. Where to get that training is easy.  Just go to one of the yearly IEEE PSES Symposiums. See:

Other resources:

Incompliance Magazine:

Interference Technology (aka Item):

Compliance Club (archive, but good info) and its replacement: and

dBi John Barnes:

Ken Wyatt’s webpage:


Doug Smith’s web page:

For people who layout boards get them a copy of Keith Armstrong’s book:

To see how easy to make what I call an unintentional antenna see:

Low cost RF Probes:

These show why moats can be built in RF Probes:

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